About TwilightMMORL

TwilightMMORL is one of the first MMO-style games to hit the roguelike scene. It’s been in development since the summer of 2006, and has an expansive overworld with very diverse monsters to fight.

To play the game, you can connect with an SSH client (like PuTTY on Windows or the ssh command on Unixes)  to port 8002 on g1.twilightmmorl.com. If you just want to try it out, you can play anonymously, without registering an account.

Several people have asked (as you can see in the comments) whether TwilightMMORL is/will be open sourced. It is not, and it’s not likely to be any time in the near future. I can change my mind on that at any point, but right now I feel that I’d rather work on it myself and keep it my own pet project.


10 Responses to “About TwilightMMORL”

  1. Toby Richards Says:

    Various other sites say that Twilight is freeware; however, I can’t figure out where to download the binaries or sources in order to run my own Twilight server. Can you help?

    • twilightmmorl Says:

      Twilight is free to play, but you do that by telnetting or SSH-ing into the server. You can’t run your own server. There’s no point to it. It’s an MMO. The game is having a hard enough time picking up players with one centralized place to interact with other people. Allowing people to run their own servers would only fragment that.

      • Gordon McNutt Says:

        This must be a FAQ, but any thoughts on releasing the source so others can hack their own variants?

  2. Brian Köhler Says:

    I’ve heard of Twilight recently and have been trying to connect for some time now. Putty always says the server ended the network connection unexpectedly, asked some friends to try to connect and they got the same message. Everything is set up on my router/firewall, so I think that’s not the problem.
    Can I get some here? Tried the IRC channel but it’s deserted, so I’m asking here.

    • twilightmmorl Says:

      Yeah… that was a result of an improperly tested change recently… should be fixed now, let me know if it’s not.

      • Brian Köhler Says:

        Yup, I can connect now. Sometimes I still get a “Received packet smaller than expected” error. But it doesn’t persist for more than 2 tries, so it’s not a great problem.

        As of my game experience so far, it has been quite enjoyable. Aside from the Travel system getting me stuck on walls and the lack of fellow adventurers I haven’t found anything really annoying at all.

  3. RogueGamer Says:

    I can’t connect to Twilight anymore, although I’ve been playing for a couple of days now. I’m using PuTTY and SSH-ing to the proper hostname and port, but the window just idles — black with a cursor. Any suggestions? I’ve really enjoyed the game and just wish I could get back in.

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