more skill slots and resistance spells

So, as I talked about previously, I decided to add resistance spells, so wizards and necromancers can protect themselves and their allies from NPC spellcasters. The spells are cheap, so the only reason people would have not to pick them up would be because of the 4 skill slot cap. I didn’t want that to be a problem, so I upped the cap to 8 (in the process verifying that my player file upgrade mechanisms actually work). This may make spellcasters a little overpowered at high levels, because they’ll be able to cast so much stuff very quickly, but I can balance that out later if necessary.

Also, as an unfortunate side-effect of player files being upgraded, all of their keybinds are reset to defaults, so you may log in and discover that your key bindings got broken. It’s easy enough to fix them though, just hit pipe (shift+\) and then i.


5 Responses to “more skill slots and resistance spells”

  1. Kivi Says:

    Hey just played Twilight, looks great! One thing i really missed a lot – a way to “look” what is the monsters before going front of it. Also someway to know if the mob is way too high level to attack. Thanks, good work!

    • Le0ne Says:

      Hi Kivi,
      there is a way: press c a couple of times, the name and level of monsters appears.

      Really cool game, grats

  2. Le0ne Says:

    Server is down 😦

    • twilightmmorl Says:

      yeah, my shell host decided it was a good time to upgrade his freebsd install, and then he fucked up and forgot some of the linux compat libs.

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