makin them quests

Last night I was laying in bed watching TV (as I often am), and the show was only semi-interesting so I pulled out a notebook and scribbled down half a dozen quest ideas. Today I implemented one of them. The gist of it is that you get to rescue a bunch of captive townspeople. It’s a real low level quest, the enemies you’ll face are xlvl 8-10 (except the boss, he’s 12), so figure that suitable PC levels are 10-15 or so. I think it’s nifty. You can get to it by talking to the town guards where you start out.

My other ideas (some of which aren’t currently feasible, I don’t think):

  • Magic spider queen in a cave
  • Evil tower of evilness!
  • Enemy raiders attacking a town
  • Evil temple
  • Freeing an imprisoned arch-angel

Of those, I have doubts of the feasibility of the tower and having enemies attack a town. The other three are likely to happen soon, particularly the last one, just because it has so much flavor to it. All three of these will be mid-to-high level instances. The arch-angel one in particular is one I could throw in as a quest designed for xlvl 60+ characters, to give them something to do once they’re done leveling up.


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