evening out OP skills

So, the only thing of any real interest that I’ve done since my last update is that I made it so some spells have “recovery time” during which you will be unable to move. You can still attack and cast other spells during this recovery time, you’re just held immobile. The reason why I did this was because with high levels of the Lightning Bolt skill, there’s a 50% chance that targets of the bolt will be stunned, so they end up walking around in circles. By the time they’re done with that, your LB has already recharged so you can hit them again, or move away if they’ve gotten too close. The gist of things is that it’s possible to run into a crazy-large group of monsters, and just pound them to a pulp with LB without ever really taking any damage. That seemed excessively overpowered to me, so I added the recovery mechanic to balance it out a little. Lightning Bolt is currently the only skill that utilizes it, and only at the higher levels, so it shouldn’t be too drastic of a change.


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