minor update

So, I have absolutely no clue what I’ve done since the last time I posted. I’m pretty sure there was other stuff that I did that I didn’t write about, but it’s been too long for me to remember what it is.

Skill List

Anyways, what I did today was to rename the “Skill Chart” option of the Help menu (hit ? in game) to “Affinity Chart” because that more accurately describes what it is. That also paved the way for me to add a “Skill List” option. Previously, since the introduction of skills, you could go to trainers, purchase skill training, and then use the skills. But the only method of figuring out which skills you had was to hit @ and look at your character sheet, but this gave no information on what your skills actually DO. The Skill List now enables you to browse through and both see what your existing skills do, and also plan for the future.

SSH Bugfix?

Quite awhile ago it was brought to my attention that Vista users were having issues connecting via SSH. I’m not going to editorialize on why I think that may have happened, but the gist of things is that the (somewhat large) SSH Key-Exchange-Init message was being fragmented into multiple packets, which my code didn’t anticipate. I implemented what I believe is a fix for this several weeks ago, but I don’t have a machine I can test with. If people could let me know one way or the other it’d be appreciated.

My Memory is Gone

Looking back over my previous posts and skimming them, I’m discovering that I have forgotten much of what I did during my last stint of development. I’m going to have to play the game for awhile and reread my old posts to figure out what the current state of the game is. There are good odds that whatever it was I was planning on implementing but didn’t get around to before I got busy with Real Life will get implemented sometime soon. I know that I’m currently in the midst of thinking through/coding out the capability to have extensive flavor texts as you play the game. For instance, you step into an area, and a message pops up describing the surrounding area in detail, or perhaps giving some backstory of what’s happening to Aezora. That being said, looking back over a few comments I made in this post, I may have already done some work on that that I have forgotten about.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by, and I’m looking forward to doing more work on the game now that I’m back into the dev mood.


It would seem superfluous to have two posts on the same day, but in addition to everything I talked about earlier, in the last few hours I’ve also added a screen that lists major areas of interest in the world. You can get to it by hitting ? and then d. Right now the list is fairly brief, it’ll grow as I add more quests.



8 Responses to “minor update”

  1. Link Says:

    Do you have a level cap at 60 on purpose? I am at 60 and am currently not gaining any additional experience.

    Also when I equip ‘silver boots’ it pulls off my helmet instead of my boots so I says i have two sets of boots equipped and no helmet.

    I am enjoying the game a lot, thank you for working on it.

    • twilightmmorl Says:

      It is indeed intentional. There aren’t any item definitions for higher levels, so until I create those it’s sort of pointless to let people level up that high. Also, there wouldn’t be anything challenging to fight anymore at that level. Right now I’m focusing on fleshing out the world more with quests and such, rather than expanding the level count.

      I fixed that bug with the boots thing. Unfortunately, your “silver boots” are actually a helmet, and I can’t change that, but from now on random boots that drop in the dungeons will actually be boots, so you can get a new pair and throw the bugged pair away.

      I dunno if you’ve stumbled across it yet, but probably the only thing that has any particular challenge for a lvl60 character at this point is the campaign dungeon. If you hit ?, then d, it’s the southmost “monster-infested dungeon”. I should also mention that if you hit @ to see your character sheet, you can adjust your handicap. By handicapping yourself you can play in lower-level areas and still have a little bit of a challenge, if that’s your thing.

      If I may ask, what role do you play?

  2. Link Says:

    I am playing an elf warrior spec. for longsword.

    shoot me an email i’d like to have a conversation since no one seems to be on the irc channel anymore

  3. Ahab Says:

    although I’m not using Vista (but XP) I get the “Received packet smaller than expected”-error using PuTTY to connect.
    I tried it about 10-15 times without any luck.
    Hope there is a chance to fix the problem.

    • twilightmmorl Says:

      I think I’ve fixed this now, if you could try again, I’d appreciate it 🙂

      • Ahab Says:

        I’m sorry, still no luck: This time it is a “Network error: Connection refused”. I will try another computer and connection tomorrow, it might be a problem on this site as well.

      • twilightmmorl Says:

        It’s fixed for real this time. I finally figured out how to duplicate the error, so I could see exactly what the issue was.

      • Ahab Says:

        Thanks, it works now. Well done!

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