Default Keybindings

So today I was reminded by a Finnish fan that I neglected to include a list of default keybindings in the walkthrough. That has been remedied.

Sinoth mentioned to me that I should implement a way to spectate as people play the game.  Watching someone’s every move without their invitation seems a little intrusionary to me, but perhaps people wouldn’t mind. Anyone have any opinions?

This morning’s post is brief because I have stuff I need to get done today, but perhaps I will return tonight to add some content of worth.


One Response to “Default Keybindings”

  1. USer1 Says:

    Is using PuTTY still an option? I’m putting in as the Host Name and 8002 as the port, and it’s giving me an error: “Server sent disconnect message type 2 (protocol error): ‘Received packet smaller than expected'”


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