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Better chat


I still exist! School and other projects have kept me busy, but I do still think about twilight from time to time. Today I was surprised to find someone else online at the same time as I was, when I went in to putz around a bit. The result of that was that I finally put the modicum of effort it required into improving the chat screen. It handles really long messages now, it has timestamps, and is all around better. Doesn’t sound like much I suppose, but it’s certainly an improvement.
I also (in days long past) implemented the handicapping feature I mused about previously. It works best when you’re dealing with stuff within 50% of your level, because of the way damage scales. You take proportionally more damage according to your handicap, which means if you severely handicap yourself, you can start taking 60+ damage, which takes you through the warning levels rather quickly. Should make it easier to play with friends though, and also to replay instances.

Thoughts for the Future

Remain mostly the same as last time. More/better magic, and maybe some stuff similar to how Powers work in D&D 4th edition, to make combat less button-mashy.